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Save the Date, Graduate

Save the Date, Graduate

Watch how these outstanding seniors create once-in-a-lifetime graduation parties with help from Hy-Vee experts.

  1. Meet the Grads

    Meet the Grads

    Join three remarkable seniors on their graduation party planning journey and learn more about their plans before and after Covid-19.

    6 mins, 12 secs

  2. A New Reality

    A New Reality

    See what our graduates and their families are up during this new reality and how has Covid-19 has thrown a wrench into their senior year.

    7 mins, 39 secs

  3. The Graduates Meet Each Other

    The Graduates Meet Each Other

    Even with social distancing, these three graduates get to meet – virtually, of course! Listen in to hear what it's like to be a member of the 2020 senior class right now.

    5 mins, 39 secs

  4. Party Planning Twist

    Party Planning Twist

    Stand-up graduates deserve stand-out parties! And Hy-Vee experts are here to help these grads get their revised party plans back on track.

    8 mins, 52 secs

  5. Check In with the Graduates

    Check In with the Graduates

    Congrats to our three bright grads for receiving their diplomas! See what measures Hy-Vee is taking to help ensure these grad parties are still safe and tasty.

    7 mins, 45 secs

  6. The Parties

    The Parties

    Join our happy graduates for their rockin' grad parties. What a blast to celebrate their accomplishments before they start their next big adventures!

    3 mins, 35 secs