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Cake This!

Hy-Vee cake designers let their imaginations run wild to create tasty masterpieces for unique occasions. Feast your eyes as they give a behind-the-icing look at their processes for whipping up exquisite cakes layer by layer.

Hy-Vee cake designers let their imaginations run wild to create tasty masterpieces fo Read more

5 seasons, 50 episodes

  1. Cooler Cake

    Cooler Cake

    Chill out with cake designer Stephanie's nifty cooler cake! Made for eating and sipping, it's the sort of treat that everyone will enjoy.

  2. Kick off football season with a tailgating cake that's perfect for a birthday or special celebration.

  3. Grill Cake

    Grill Cake

    Cake designer Stephanie's realistic grill cake takes edible art to a whole new layer. Focusing on the details, she creates a fun take on a summer BBQ with fondant, Rice Krispies treats, gum paste and an air brush.

  4. Basketball Cake

    Basketball Cake

    Cake designer Sara's basketball cake is sure to score points at any party. Complete with an iconic basketball, shoe, whistle and even confetti, this cake is perfect for anyone who loves basketball.

  5. Don't pass on the opportunity to see designer Kelly's football jersey cake. Any festive fan will delight in digging in, so give it your best shot!

  6. This Halloween cake is getting downright scary (and delicious)!

  7. Pumpkin Cake

    Pumpkin Cake

    Cake designer Stephanie shows off her spooky skills with this Halloween-themed cake. Stacking three pumpkins, she creates three iconic characters: a pirate, a ghost and a witch.

  8. Witch Cake

    Witch Cake

    With a cauldron, potion bottle, and spider webs, this cake is sure to bring the magic to any Halloween party.

  9. Apple Cake

    Apple Cake

    Celebrate fall with an apple cake layered with apple cinnamon spice filling and caramel icing.

  10. Cake designer Stephanie creates a Thanksgiving spread like you've never seen before.

  11. Channel the flannel with this mad for plaid towering fall cake!

  12. The Forest Cake

    The Forest Cake

    Cake designer Linda creates a forest-themed cake perfect for birthday parties and other celebrations. This single-tiered cake looks just like a stump in the middle of a forest, complete with whimsical woodland animals.