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Your favorite day of the week just got better! Head into the weekend with your sleeves rolled up, because it’s frying time with Chef Beau. His deep-fried cooking style has led him to uncover recipes for just about anything. What do you say? Let’s get frying!

  1. Arancini Risotto Balls

    Arancini Risotto Balls

    Fired up for fried cuisine? Chef Beau is always ready to serve up something unique like these fried risotto balls.

    6 mins

  2. Strawberry Beignets

    Strawberry Beignets

    Get a taste of this New Orleans favorite with Chef Beau's recipe for beignets with strawberry basil jam.

    4 mins, 51 secs

  3. Sweet Potato Funnel Cake

    Sweet Potato Funnel Cake

    Chef Beau is back in action to show you how to turn a sweet potato into a super sweet funnel cake—complete with a bourbon praline pecan sauce.

    5 mins, 55 secs

  4. Avocado Tacos With Bomb Slaw

    Avocado Tacos With Bomb Slaw

    Chef Beau's turning up the heat with his deep fried avocado tacos recipe.

    6 mins, 18 secs

  5. Fried Cherry Coke Balls

    Fried Cherry Coke Balls

    Chef Beau turns Coca-Cola Cherry into a creative sweet treat.

    4 mins, 38 secs

  6. Samosas


    With vegetables, herbs, and spices, Chef Beau takes this samosa recipe to the next level.

    6 mins, 15 secs