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3 seasons, 37 episodes

      1. Do you always think of meat when you think of grilling? Think again! These Vegan Caprese Eggplant Steaks will blow your mind.

      2. Snack away on game day with a charcuterie board designed for a great tailgate. This grazing board features Wahlburgers essentials and has all your home team favorites. Watch how to put it all together!

      3. Can Suzet make mac 'n cheese without the blue box? Watch her try to recreate Kraft Macaroni & Cheese from scratch!

      4. This savory charcuterie board is ghoulishly good. Load your Halloween snack board with cheesy fall flavors, like orange gouda and Havarti with herbs and spices. Finish your grazing board with fun Halloween decorations!

      5. As we like to say, "but first, pie!" Watch how to load up a charcuterie board with your favorite Thanksgiving pies and fall favorite dessert toppings.

      6. Chef Beau's turning up the heat and dishing out the flavor with his deep fried avocado tacos recipe.

      7. Twinkies


        Suzet tries to take apart the yellow, spongy, cream-filled classic, Twinkie.

      8. Take your charcuterie board to the next level by creating this charcuterie table!

      9. Candy Corn

        Candy Corn

        Love it or hate it, candy corn is a Halloween staple. Have you ever wondered what this candy is made of? So has Suzette. And she's attempting to make homemade candy corn with ingredients you might already have in your pantry.

      10. Create a new Christmas breakfast tradition with plaid pajamas and a breakfast grazing board featuring gingerbread pancakes.

      11. Take your table from ordinary to goth glam for your Halloween party using these simple, spooky tips.

      12. Make your Christmas morning merry and bright with this colorful and cozy table setting.